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Programs are the butterfly state of our innovative portfolio. Ideas and concepts generated by us or the youth we serve, often start out as pilots or projects – seeds for ideas that need to be tested, validated and modeled for viability, feasibility, cost, impact and scalability. Successful pilots and projects may expand into regional programs. Today, our core programs include the following;

Hire KC

Hire KC is the official internship platform for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the largest provider of paid summer internships in the Kansas City region. It’s mission-driven to support opportunity equity, and illuminate career pathways so that all youth can learn and grow into promising futures. Hire KC connects young people to out-of-school work-based opportunities, and in-school real-world learning projects and experiences that accelerate work-readiness, and better prepare youth for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Project Commons

The Project Commons is a creative hub stylized to mimic the future of work, and popped-up inside progressive schools, community spaces or companies, designed to accelerate youth work-readiness through curated, client-connected projects that radically develop our local talent through passion and purpose, curiosity and essential skill-building.

Youth Opportunity Relief Program

Launched in 2020 in response to COVID-19, and designed to generate income and experiential benefits to the youth workforce, by providing a level of economic relief while addressing the very real challenge of online engagement and skill-building inside the extreme circumstances our schools and families are facing.


Promising projects grow into programs when they are built with sustainability and the capacity to successfully deliver intended impact and outcomes. We accelerate high-impact projects and pilots into regional initiatives and programs to support and complement our mission-driven work, and to empower youth to restore their communities through innovation and real-world experiences.

The Accelerator

The Accelerator is a software platform, powered by Transeo, and is part of the Hire KC program. It includes a growing marketplace of experiential learning, job opportunities and real-world projects that students and schools can access, explore and complete. It offers the KC region a centralized marketplace for out-of-school experiences that easily connect to school standards and information systems.

Virtual Internships

Although accelerated in response to COVID-19, we’ve been working to bring this level of scale and access to the internship experience since we started curating and brokering internships in 2016. The Virtual Internship is but a means to adapt to the current market conditions, while building a robust online experience that is easily accessible regardless of location, transportation logistics, or any of the many barriers that come between youth and opportunity.  In 2020, we built a new platform by stitching together common applications and shared tools that are already part of the Kansas City learning ecosystem, and created a simple user experience that could support a variety of workflows and projects for students and employers to work on together with our team.

Rethink Youth

In collaboration with the Kauffman Foundation, KCSIC is bringing a virtual, youth-driven conference to Kansas City. The 2020 ReThink Conference will focus on re-imagining, re-designing, re-building, and re-engaging the education system to catalyze student voice and experience through real world learning. This is Kansas City’s first-ever virtual conference designed by students, for students.


We develop and launch pilots based on concepts and ideas generated by us and the youth we serve, or to validate a theory of change for a partner organization or funder. We are nimble and agile program designers able to deploy and evaluate to accelerate and scale new solutions that carry a mighty return on impact in the opportunity ecosystem.

  • KCPS Real-World Experiences – A summer/fall pilot centered on client-connected projects for rising seniors, beginning in the summer and becoming a bridge for the District’s strategic plans for Real-World Learning – acting as a jumpstart the 2020/21 academic year.
  • Draw Your Future with Agilities – KCSIC launched this pilot in 2019 on behalf of the DeBruce Foundation, managing the pilot from start to finish. This unique collaboration provided a tangible vehicle to mobilize students from their current reality into their desired future through critical thought and self awareness. Draw Your Future with Agilities shifts behavior and empowers creative thinking for a more goal-oriented future. The Agile Work Profiler aids students in the recognition of their work-related strengths and passions, allowing them to ideate around how they can supply their skill set towards work that reflects a matching demand.
  • SensED – This project-based pilot focused on STEM education for middle and high school students, designed to highlight and provide real-world experiences in the emerging application of the Internet of Things. SensED features a free, open source IoT curriculum – designed by Greg Toth from IoTDevLabs in Washington DC, and was featured in the 2014/15 Global Team Challenge – a smart city application development series from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and US Ignite. KCSIC hosted school/team innovation challenges and demo day celebrations in 2017 and 2018. SensED continues to serve youth as a program in the Lee’s Summit School District, and in collaboration with the Missouri Innovation Campus and the University of Central Missouri.


We are in the business of opportunity – starting with creating it, finding it, amplifying it, understanding it, and then connecting youth who need it most directly to it.

KCSIC offers a variety of expertise across the experiential learning domain, working with K12, higher education, workforce agencies, community nonprofits and employers to ensure that real-world experiences and transformative opportunities are widely available to youth, and are efficient and productive to our communities and employers.

We are experts in the readiness chain – having developed a proven progression of experiences and exposures that stack up as indicators that pave the way toward successfully completing a capstone experience or internship, or the newer regional standard of Market Value Assets (MVAs).

We consult with high schools and higher education institutions to help create readiness benchmarks that fit into instruction and standards, and address real-world learning at scale.

Our services include strategic planning, professional development and program design in the following core areas:

  • Real World Learning and Experiences – mapping, readiness and coordination
  • Client Connected Projects – design, coordination and development
  • Internships & Virtual Internships – design, coordination and development
  • Readiness and Pathways – instructional integration and development, activities and assessment

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