our approach

We include youth and the community’s young people in everything we do. They work in our office(s), they contribute across all department functions – from marketing to program design, from program management and youth support to systems and technology. It’s not just an approach, it’s an operational standard.

We encourage all our vendors, grantors, project collaborators, partners and allies to do the same – include a team of young people on your project. We’ll help with the details.

We believe that young people are the social innovators of our time, able to transform their communities with their voice and leadership, through real-world experiences.

If everyone did this collectively, there would be no shortage of real-world experiences for students and youth to access and build the essential skills they need for their future. To light the way, we will bring youth into our network, and offer them a seat at all the tables we find ourselves at as we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Can we count on you?