Rethink everything.
Youth will show us the way.

Rethink Youth – a Kauffman Foundation + KCSIC collaboration – is a new convening, and an extension of Kauffman’s Rethink ED annual gathering, now designed and run by students to elevate and explore the power of youth voice in changing education.

Save the date and register for this virtual conference designed by more than 70 high school students for Kansas City-area students to help reimagine education from a learner’s voice and perspective.  

Origin Story

In 2018, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation launched the Rethink ED conference to bring together all the stakeholders in education – business leaders, educators, parents, community leaders, high school students, and national experts – to help rethink education, by collaboratively creating tools, resources, and knowledge to better support communities that empower the makers, doers, and dreamers in our communities and our students.

Now, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, we’re launching Rethink Youth – a virtual, youth-fueled conference dedicated to elevating youth voice. Rethink Youth will challenge all of us to re-imagine, re-design, re-build, and re-engage with the education system – all through the lens and leadership of local students.

Youth Voice Takes Center Stage

Youth voice helps to democratize the classroom, boost student empowerment and engagement through choice, and it’s what lies at the heart of the Rethink Youth experience. 

Rethink Youth connects students through their own design and learning journey, creating a hub of youth-fueled innovation, and a model of collaboration for youth engagement, all while offering a real-world learning journey that ends in the successful production of youth-led original content that can spur change, increase youth agency, and deliver real outcomes for education.

Presenting Schools

  • Crossroads Preparatory Academy
  • DeLaSalle Education Center
  • East High School
  • Fort Osage High School
  • Hogan Preparatory Academy
  • Liberty High School
  • Liberty North High School
  • Northeast High School
  • Raytown High School

Principle Organizers

William Dowdell

Senior Director, KCSIC

Fatima Shariff

Special Projects Assistant, KCSIC


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Rethink Team
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