Rethink Youth Spotlight: Fort Osage (Team A)

The Rethink Youth Conference re-imagines, re-designs, re-builds, and re-engages the systems and pedagogy that frame education, both in Kansas City and throughout the country.

With the voice of our region’s young adults at the forefront of this movement, Rethink Youth will serve as a hub for collaboration and real-world learning, all the while, producing innovative and thought-provoking content around education.

More than 70 high school students from (9) Kansas City-area high schools have come together, dreamed up, and conceived ways to impact education from their point of view.

Each breakout session features a high impact topic chosen by students, offering up a new way to help us get unstuck as we consider just how to rethink and reshape education and their learning journey. 

Fort Osage Team A

A Case for Fairness: Redesigning Grading Systems to Better Connect with Different Learners. 

Students will address current grading systems in place. The facilitators will make a case for how grading does not always represent what students have learned. The team believes that grades should be based on different students’ learning styles. The team will share alternatives to improve the grading so that it has a better impact on learning. 

This special event is designed for students, by students, and all are welcome. If you are currently a student and interested in participating in this event, you may register here. If you are a curious adult, learner, or education stakeholder, you are welcome to register and tune in to observe. Want to learn more about the event? Click here or download the event’s agenda