social impact
fueled by youth

We believe that young people are the social innovators of our time, able to transform their communities with their voice and leadership, through real-world experiences.
KCSIC is an equity-centered nonprofit managing a portfolio of programs, projects and pilots that create a network for technology, community, investment, education and business sectors to work directly with youth, and come together to solve Kansas City’s biggest problems, and help transform communities.


Youth fuel everything we do at KCSIC. They work across all projects and programs, and their input and voice is central to our social impact mission. Interest-driven choice, and access to a marketplace of experiences, helps prepare youth for their journey toward personal transformation.


Real world learning is the vessel by which youth interact and engage with the community, employers, the City and nonprofits. Rich, real-world experiences – from internships to economic development projects – accelerate growth, and support their personal transformation.

Future of Work

Through voice and experience we accelerate youth readiness, and celebrate personal transformation so that youth can spark innovation, fuel systems change, and lean-in with community transformation and empowerment, while at the same time creating a dynamic future workforce.

The Project Commons, 2019

connect & be connected

We’re always looking to connect with opportunity hunters and gatherers – the vital Connectors who have opportunities to share, or know where to find them — so we can make them more accessible and visible to the youth who fuel our programs. We aim to democratize the path and distance to opportunity—not only the physical distance but the social and aspirational distance, too.

you can empower youth

What you do at your job is a great source of learning that can be shared with youth all over our city. How you interact with the community at large can serve as a vital learning experience, as well. We are tapping into community-based initiatives across Kansas City to empower youth voice and inclusion in native projects designed to serve and empower local communities.

“Youth may make up a small percent of our total population, but they are 100% of our future.”

Sly James, Former Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri

Can we count on you?